In this album, we find Dolla at his best. We Find Dolla Like Never before,
In all his greatness and all his variety of rap styles.
This collection has 44 songs, which make the best songs he ever did.

This Double CD Collection has it all:
Club bangers like "Who The F is that", "Feelin Myself"

Shows his best ability to freestyle on "A Billion" "Closer to my dreams"
and the classic "Freestyle (Acapella)" which he did with the Gang.

Consensus rap like "It Ain't my fault" and "Georgia Nights" and "Gonna Be Alright"

He shows his awesome story telling abilities in "Ghetto Prayer"

Shows his gangsta style in "Corner high school", "Rollin' That Blunt" and "Loudmouth"

His pimp/playa side on "Pussy Champion" "Pussy Killer" "Good Pussy"
and "Camera Phone"

And doing songs addressing social issues facing African-American society
which he saw through his own eyes on "What Do You Do" "Statistic"
and "I Come From the Slums"

His 5 Best known and stand-out tracks are also present here:
"Change", "Role Model", "Heartbreak Collision",
"Georgia Nights" and "Ghetto Prayer"

These are just examples to all his greatness. R.I.P. Roderick, Dolla, Bucc.
This collection just has it all. Shows he had it all.


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