We So Fly (Dolla and T.I.)

[Hook: T.I. x2]
We So fly, she no lie
You can't be where we go by
See me in it, you go buy it
See me do it, you go try it We So fly

[Verse 1: Dolla]
Ey Swag at a 100, pocket full of money
Bad bitch with me won't get enough of me
She only get plumit, on all of her stomach
They ball in the summer, well I'm all year honey
Shit they doin, we already done it
Just bought a benz sent it back I ain't want it
Damn shame ain't it?
Champain Poppin, G4 flyin, airplane hoppin
Marry Jane puffin, I don't stay on it
I don't even smoke, bought it for the homie
Diamonds in my ear, so damn clear
Try me Imma get another tattoo tear
Hood pioneer, ask my peer
Talk slick to me you got the wrong Idearr
Have your woman at the house bread my heairr
Swag up to here, that shit ain't clear?

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Ey The Swag be incredible, damn near edible
Get a straight bitch turn her to a bi-sexual
Fuck her like an animal, eat her like a cannibel
Your boyfriend a sucka he ain't learn how to handle you
Chrome stay spinnin, hoes stay grinin
Let a nigga loose baby Imma keep winin
Fine Dolla dinner, make it stuffed in her
Dolla bill baby, I'm a Lieutenant
Wood grain grippin, big body whippin,
Wet paint on her, she still drippin
I Ain't never slippin, let the pump hit em
Woman say they sound like a mad truck hit em
Runin through the A, Stuntin in the A,
Time to ReUp fly back to the bay
Cardia frames, lay on my face
Fuckin with the trap cus the shit still pay

[Verse 3: Dolla]
What you say?
Cardia check, Rolex check
Couple goons with me got the tool on deck
Minajs check, broads stay wet
Just hit her friend and the homegirl next
Fly as I wanna be, High as I wanna be
Anybody else, tell me why would I wanna be?
Fly as I wanna be, Broads stay on a G
Anywhere else, tell me why would they wanna be?