The Winner Is...Dolla!
First of all like to place my bets
One thing worth dyings for respect
I Don't play cards I can count the deck
I Go against the odds never bounce the check
Cus when the funds unload bring out the tex
I Have you out your flesh out to catch
Been hit the projects than out your sets
C'mon man cus you can't get through to me
The gangsta slang it ain't new to me
I Usualy keep tolery
And they ruins me turn you into a mystery
History another nigga bitchery
Mention me and I'm atcha
Keep tellin' you characters not a rapper
I Capture, your bitch
Now she's leaving with me and youre pissed
My flow deep and your dense
Flow church can I get an amen?
You niggas know the feelin' when them pockets get thin
Choppers come in and niggas hurry out
At somebodys house avalnce carried out
Four niggas they ain't wanna give it up
Didn't wanna be quitters so Dolla hit em up
Get em up left em slump on the ground
I Spit crack my lyrics are profound
Verbs adjectives and pronounce
WOW, I'm cool, fuck your bitch and you a fool
I Remove myself from the ... guard
Can't compete my flow out of the ordinar'
Ordinar' ain't go get ya shit
Ordinar' with an Ordinary bitch
The flow burried I think it's time I switch
New team I'm the coach do the pep talk
I Ain't boasting but face it I got the best shot
I'm from the best block: The GANG
Number One Question bitch can you hang?
I Hang about 8 inches
Wait a minute let me tell you what the whip is
It's in the back and you know whos your bitch is
She's mine, I Stamped her
Your blind, 22 answer
I Knock on my door and money gone answer
Hello? Bonjour! I Can't lose my nigga I'm too sure
Rookie of the year you can tell I'm new hurre
I Said Rookie of the year you can tell I'm new hurre

Rest In Peace Homie, one of your best.