So I'm watching her fine ass, suck on my dick and all
When shawty feelin sick I let my dick be a tylenol
Her neck is so involved she lookin me in my eyes
I'm lookin down damn this is somebody's wife
This is someboy's life, somebodys truly in love
She stroke my dick I seen her ring I'm like damn what the fuck
I could never get married just the thought of it is scary
In this life I lead this type of shit here ordinary
So the...More the merry I milk a bitch like I know dairy
Untill the virgin mary crosses the holy water
No woman shall cary, my seed my daugher my son
My earth my joy
Bitches breakin still fuckin cursin they boy
How could you love me bitch when you don't love your god
Fuckin niggas in the city baby love your bod
Shit your bodys a temple and you should treat it like one
Imma call a bitch a bitch when she behave like one
From the A I'm from, where the slangs are from
You know the south where niggas lie but usually we be quiet
Layin in the bushes lookin for place to hide
So when you come outside I light ya on fire
This my 8th winter shit I'm working on my 9
Money tell my chedder down it get good with time
I'm like fine, It's me and my 9
Everything I got shit it's actually mine
I'm actually fine bitches It's me in the flesh
My flow is like a disease my shit hazard for ya health
Heart beatin through my chest
You can heart it through my chest
Untill you hear him bustin you can't say that hes the best
Just say that he is it, it for right now
Til that Real shit comin make that shit sit down
Shit sit down, like a pre-school child
You niggas give me intrest Imma take a 100 miles
I take a 100 miles, this shit that how I'm feelin
This track my bitch, it need sexual healin
And I got plumin, hummin, comin
On Yo bitch stomach, them boys go stupid
But my shit be dummbest, waist like god
Hear that instruments runing
Make A nigga listen, listen like cali
Y'all niggas slippin, my choppa seen balims
Y'all ain't spittin, you niggas just bubalin
I'm good with the rock and you niggas keep travelin
You wouldn't make the team you cant even go left
I Fake to the right, stuter step and go left
Penitentiary ball I don't even need a ref
I got damn hog ain't no more left
I just ate it all got your lunch on my breath
Nigga I got hard you must be death
You must be slow let me slow it down for ya
Asalam Aleycam to my muslim brothers
I said Asalam Aleycam to my muslim brothers

Youknowimsayin I say Asalam Aleycam cus Um....
My flow peacefull knowimsayin
Make peace be on to you, knowimsayin
May peace be with you knowimsayin
My flow is god givin, you know
I speak of religion alot beacuse
God got alot to do a lot with this flow man
This is givin to me man
I ain't choose to rhyme rhyming chose me
Ain't that what somebody said man...
I hear a beat I'm like fuck it
My soul jump out and write that shit
I don't even write this shit, my soul write this shit
The music for the soul bay
This is not your rap
You know...Hey! I said it's not your rap baby
I don't even think about it baby I just do it
You know...real niggas stand up fake niggas sit down
Ah-ha...I said my real bitches stand up fake bitches sit down
G.A.N.G...this is a mixtape baby for you
Dolla...Another Day Another Dolla
Another K Another Choppa
Another Victim Another Doctor
Somebody pick that boy up he gone avalanch before they get here
Another Nina, Another victim
Another Mother singing in a funeral
He soon to go, throw it like fuck em
If you blow the dro, you blow the dro
If you know the hoe you know the hoe
But most likely, you fuck the hoe
You know!