Still Kill [Dolla and Scrapp Deleon]
[Verse 1: Scrapp Deleon]
What up bitches?
What up Dolla, what up streets?
It's the gang mothafucka
They call me s.d. hundred in the neck piece
Million in the safe same place where the tec be
If you try to test me, bet I bring the number too
Leave ya body stankin like someone took a number two
On the block I'm popular, homie ain't no stoppin a
Do a drive by in the phantom of the opera
When it doubt, burner out turn into a slaughter house
I done seen niggas die just over a quarter ounce
I'm the man of every fiend all bcus of word of mouth
I got the best shit sell it for the lesses
All you long tounge fiends now where your ex's
Take over this trap, on to the next one
Shoot thanks to Dolla and the burner might get one
Dealers know what that is, hit with tmy gattis
Copes tryna cuff me so I shot them with they badges
I don't need a camera, I be about that action
I Can read you fony niggas I dont need no captions
Spread bread through my circle, great with my fractions
I Be out Relaxin, Bitch an accent
Comment-t'allez vous? Tres bien. Whatever that means

[Verse 2: Dolla]
They call me dolla bill still will
Kill at my own will
Niggas flow holy like im rapping with the lord here
Thats right we all here
Had to play my cards here
Went against the odds and said fuck it
We gon ball here
Aww yea the laws here
But we dont give a dog here
Kicked us off the bus
We said fuck it
We gon jogg there
Now we here all year
Niggas living large here
Dont lay on that bed scrap i just put the minaj there
Corner made now we paid
Foreign and garage here
Nigga getting started but im already in 3rd gear
Motha fuck the pop charts imma keep the hood here
You can check my backround forever ill b good there
Sood her never budge till i made a knock there
Never scared never was
Even got shot there
Cried tears late night
Damn I Need my pops here
Call the cops them niggas spooked
They dont even stop here
Move to another block, bout to set up shop there
Come through with the AK's run em niggas outta here
You work for me, you coursin me?
Heard you still work for me
Blow a nigga top off it's open brain surgery
Ridin with the top off, open brain surgery
This is an emergency I'm sicker than the S.T.D.
Better check your bitch boy, eyes keep undressin me
I gotta keep a tec with me, bulletproof vest with me
Ballin on these niggas like a mothafuckin athlete
Streets comin after me, Gang nigga we in charge
One was pissed off, you gone stay up outta bardge
Double R it's back to back, fuckin bitches back to back
Niggas constipated I just shitted on a nigga track
5 pack I sell a pack then I buy another pack
Sit on my ass all day I watch the money stack
Rob a rapper by his chain and make him buy his shit back

Huh-ah youknowhatimtalkinbout
They call me Dolla bill
If I ain't the best nigga doin it
Who the fuck is, knowimsayin
You better check your bitch boy cus I think she like me knowhatimtalkinbout
I Got my eyes on the prize they call me Dolla bill hoe
If the game ain't straight, get it straight
You ain't choosing light you ain't choosing right
check it respect it and then correct it bitch
youknowhatimtalkinbout Shabazz we this mothafucka

These lyrics were added by: Deon-Kevin Mayes-Boles. thank you!