Push It

*Push It to the Limits*

[Verse 1:] East of Atlanta, we toting em hammers
Break down a zipper, baby need pampers
This minimum wage, got me packin a gage
I ran your parade takin whatever you made
I, Never afraid, always with it
Try and get it little nigga Push it to the Limit
Up early with the chickens, early with the roosters
Finger be itchin, try me I shoot ya
I'm earnin my stripes, I'm earnin my rights
I'm pushin it, determind for life
They cut off the lights, we using the matches
Only 1 room sleepin on one mattress
I'm chasing my dream, just me and my team
AK In my hand by any means
We hungry as fuck, we just tryna eat
Niggas dyin for a dolla patna lifes sweet

[Hook:] Uh
I Push and I Push
I Ride and I Ride
Tryin to survive on 2.85
Push it to the Limit
Put it all on the line (line)
On the drop of a dime (dime)
I'm Pushin it....365!
I'm Pushin it...Push!
I'm Pushin it....Push!
Riding around in the A nigga I gotta
Push it to the Limit
I'm Pushin it...Push!
I'm Pushin it....Push!
Ridin around zone I gotta
Push it to the Limit

[Verse 2:]
Home of the Slaves,
Home of the Braves
Everybody hustle, atleast nowadays
I Really grind, I really trap
I'm Pushin it....This ain't just gangsta rap
Homies endite it, Got lawyers to fight it
My pockets is fat, you niggas on diet
I lock and I load, I'm gaining control
As soon as it land, the product is sold
You rappers is old, turnnin to mold
Time for a new face, put your career on hold
I'm takin my aim, I'm hittin the target
Bitch it's the GANG, mixing with Konvict
I'm earning respect, I'm at your neck
Like the collar call me Dolla bitch I resurrect
I'm pushin alot, I'm pushin the weight
I'm pushin it hard, I got what it takes!