Like This (Dolla and Akon)

[Hook: Akon]
I See you in the corner peepin slowly
Just keep in mind that I'm not your homie
I Keep it tucked in my pants,
That's why I don't dance
When you see my I be boppin slowly
Like This
Like What?
Like This
Like What?
When you see my I be boppin slowly
Like This
Like What?
Like This
Like What?
When you see my I be boppin slowly

[Verse 1: Dolla]
Ey I don't dance (nah) I don't lean (nah)
I Don't rock I'mma gangsta Ya mean
Burner in my pants send you closer to your dreams
Posted in the stance ey fitted on lean
I Got them hoes in a trance like "Damn who is He?"
Young country nigga gettin' money by the G's
You don't know me, Atlantas best kept secret
Way more flyer than that nigga that you sleep with
Look at my tayer make this shit look easy
Stay out my snicks, (ey) These ain't cheap (no)
Shoes that I buy broke niggas gotta lease
In the club with the goons make room for some g's
Bottom fitted (yep), Dolla do his thing (yep)
Same old 2 step, throwin up my set
Blue rag to the left, Pants hanging off my ass
In the middle of the club talkin shit throwin cash

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Ey, I'm the man, (Yep), I'm the man (Yep)
Boppin left to right see the giant swang
Ya'll know the name, they call me Dolla Dolla
In the club poppin' bottles posted up with a model
Niggas think we hit the lotto
Hollows and a toasta,
Keep it on my hip always safety in the holster
Homicide soldiers, ya'll can't approach us
All my niggas with it, knock your head off your shoulders
Homie move over, I see you niggas peepin
But look too long and you might start leakin
Niggas get to reachin' you niggas get to bleedin
Couple rounds of fire, mothafuckers get to leavin
Nutty like seaman, Dolla have you leanin
Hatin' ass niggas see the young boy gleaming
This is my city (yep),
This is my turf (yep),
Stand up nigga now you dick in the dirt, yes sir

[Verse 3: Dolla]
Ey, She a Groupie (Ye), She a Groupie (Ye)
Hit the telly with the bitch cus she choosie
You can't out do me, Dolla too fresh
Lookin like a million bucks what the fuck you expect?
You can't digest a nigga like this (no)
50 thousten orange layin on my chest
I Bang my set: G.A.N.G.
Ain't a nigga in the city do it quiet like me
In a fresh white T, boss nigga of the A
Walk right through the line, homeboy I don't pay
Everybody my birthday, Nigga what you know about it
Nina serfina on my hip cus I don't go without it
It's over crowded when I'm in it cus the whole hood with me
I Ain't leavin til it's over and the whole club empty
Do it like it's 99 all the damn time
In the middle of the flow drinkin' liquor blowin pines