2 Songs, same verses

Lean / Acapella 2
Hey, I be riding with a porn star
My chevys like a foreign car
In and out the lanes
Beating Jeezy I'm a trap star
Patna you get flat lined
Run up tryna jack mine
My niggas act a donkey off that remy and the cli pines
Nigga you don't know me
Niggas call me Dolla
Fly nigga nock suckas on Doula oblongata
I Let loose my piranhas, have them callin for mama
I'm a konvict nigga I been down with the drama
I been servin in your area, beatin through your stereo
Takin over your trap cus nigga I ain't scare of ya
Try me I'll bury ya, I have ya in aquarium
Swimming with the fishes and the doctor have to carry ya
Nigga I'm a trap boss, you hustle with your fingers crossed
Hopin you gone make some, hopin you gone take some
Have a bad day, Dolla Bill gone brake some
Movin down in Bana row, with the Base bumpin
Bitch Imma stay stuntin, whip game you can't afford
In the street shinin everyday cus I hustle more
Shawty what they hittin for, 18 a flat charge
Walk around a 100 grand large fuck a black card
Nigga I can match that, Money ain't a problem
I Got the trap boomin like the 80s out in harlem
I Have you niggas starvin, walk around empty stomach
I'm buyin my chickens your chicken is getting fronted
My Jeans 11 hundred so nigga what it do?
Screamin fuck Dolla bill nah nigga FUCK YOU!
Jewells is ice blue, same color as heaven
Red and blue charges I call that bitch 9-11
Paint my benz do-do brown bitch I feel like I'm the shit
Slugs out the .40 pounds smak at yo asafeges
Murder me? yeah right fuck boy I murder you
Have yo ass stinkin like somebody took a number 2
Dolla who? that light nigga, get your bitch pussy wet
Call her the sucker lot, shawty got that rubber neck
We just tryna see how many babies she can digest
Bitch I'm from the project, dope dealers that where its at
Used to serve 10 dollar rocks right infront of my mama house
Light nigga played out, pussy nigga yeah right
Shawty get to choosing now her face look like a red light
Black tims, black rims, call that bitch the night crawler
Ridin with a porn star your bitch look like a rottweiler
Top Dolla, High school diploma, he a street scholar
School of hard knocks, bitch rock so I can eat proper
Oh I got that bitch scale, shit ain't even stepped on
Always been the under dog, used to gettin slept on
Now I got a 100 large layin in my collar bone
Yeah you in the chopper zone, AK 4-7
Call that bitch the twin towers, hit'll be like 9-11
White diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamond, all of that
40 Grand in the A, Real hustlers crawl back
Word on the streets Dolla smack them with a ball bet
100 around 100k , nigga this is all fact
This is all before rap, trap niggas know my name
Eastside certified, dope man with heavy cane
Ridin in that chevy thang, same color as listerine
Couple shots have your ass doin the shoulder lean
Panta my whole team mean, everybody get a block
Keep them bitches runin in, Keep them bitches runin out
Went to jail 10 o'clock, Made bail 12 o'clock
If I ain't a hustler, what the fuck you call that?
Bitch I'm eastside certified, smack them with a ball bet