Is You Holding
Is you the police cause that shitt you got on make you look like the police,

Is you strapped dolla you no it stay strap like gebojie you know 9 Millimeter on my hip sho ya right .
Pussy nigga run up and send his ass on a flight
My aim so precise i dont even need a beam
I can fuck ya all night I dont even need a bean
Im a athelete i said no to the drugs Know yo momma told yo ass to say no to them thugs
Well shawty ima gangsta te money tell ya that
Always with the buisness you can even ask Scrapp
I keep a stack in my pocket for the fuck of it
I had her last night I dont want her get another bitch
I be on that other shit
That Run-up make ya stutter shit kickin down yo doo
Gun hoe while you cuddlin
You niggas aint hustlin you neva seen a pack
And you like to wear guns you aint neva pop a gat
I know that for a Fact you on safety right now
I keep one in the chamber of my black 4 pow!!
I done i felt the burn but i still aint gonna learn
Leave a nigga underground you can call me Mr.Worm
Oh yes my dick firm long and hard
She gonna suck my dick like it's her muthafucking job!
It's tha motherfucking mob .G-A-N to the G .
If that bitch aint fuckin streets then she aint fucking me .
Fucking me is Privilege and you want be let down .
From the sound of my voice yo bitch wet right now!!!!

Is you holding
Know what im talking bout goddamit is you holding
When a nigga ask me am i holdin
it means is my pistol on me hell yeah
All the time .and if a bitch ask me is i holding she just
Asking me is my dick big enuf to please her
And my response is hell yeah all the time
This shitt aint going nowhere its dolla and G.A.N.G
Niggas got sumting to say i pop pistols in their mounths
Bitch got sumting to say i put the dick in their mounth they daddy long baby
Its no problem im juz joggin you no its a victory lab goddamit
I'm here goddami babyt 08 my year..
G.a.n.g dolla and a dream another day another dolla get your money straight nigga fuck you nigga
Wearin guns anint a fashion statement .these niggas wear
Guns cause they think it looks good with their outfit
If you not poppin pistols leave your shitt at home on the dresser please
Cause all thats gonna happen you gonna get pulled over and the police
Gonna take your ass to jail and you gonna tell on somebody
Thats wot the fuck niggas do man .shout out my nigga shabbazz lets get it