I Luv It
It's the GANG
We hustlin' I'm ready to hustle

Fresh out the blocc boy movin' up and no
Gotta strech it out boy I'm tryna get dough
I'm Hustlin I'm Hustlin
Just bought a 100 pounds in the hour it was sold
City lookin' dry boy I gotta get mo
I'm Hustlin I'm Hustlin

I Know I make it look easy, but this shit hard
Gotta learn to plant ya feet young and take that charge
Little homie facin' life, he beat that charge
Smit the bird on the lawyer, that's 18 large
Trap shit ain't a game everybody can't do it
It's like a bad bitch everybody want screw it
Numbers low I just wait for the drought
Hit niggas in the head 15 for a ounce
You can't do it Imma teach you how to count
My numbers never off my nigga I got clout
Dough boy fresh see some shit you can't pronounce
Got rubber band money east side out the bounds
Wake up! hustlers we don't sleep
On our grind all day so we seldomly eat
Niggas talkin all day so we seldomly speak
Boys hungry in the street and you look like meat
Double hustle these days you either trap or you rap
Heard you around the holidays so I got my scraps
And I Hope you got yours, flossing to get you guilt
Cause the renegades come destroy whatever you built
Look you niggas hella bummy so you hustlin' wrong
12 hundred for the sneaks I be hustlin' strong
Watch ya bitch take a peak heard her sang my song
Break down the whole thang watch ya bitch get gone
Can't leave me alone, I'm feelin' myself
In my goddamn zone and nuts under my belt
It's up on the shelf, I Don't need no help
Better off takin the chrome and killin yourself
Birds drive downsouth for Georgia for the summer
Reminiscing on the days when I used to drive a honda
Now we back to back in them europeans
Me and Scrapp, two gats nothin' like see me
Game time he gone chocke like Willie Beamen
I See the pressure he got deamons on the side
Bustin' out the highway you gotta take me alive
I Hope you catch my vibes, are you catch vibes?
Heard heaven got a ghetto Imma live in the sky
Nigga take mine never boy, I'm willin to die
Got rich over pies my nigga I can't quit
Spend my money hella fast cause this shit gone quick
Beat em all with garbage bags I'm the black saint nick
All my niggas doin' good bitch take you pick
Say she like a nigga swag want taste my dick
Blue rag left pocket, he bangs crips
Bitch I'm never fallin off I got a hell of a grip, I don't slip
Swag out of the roof
Mama raised a good man, Got stamina and juice
Call the truce, you don't want these problems
Dress in all black 4.4 Revolver
Dumpin at your hat hell yeah I got em
From the shoot out to the studio
Ask the lord why he had to let my nigga Cooli go
They say the good die young
And I'm a hell of a good nigga so I keep my gun
I Don't run, I'm a standup nigga
Lookin death in the eye,
Down the barrel of the trigga nigga