I Do Me (Dolla and Streets)
[Verse 1: Dolla]
Fuck these other rappers I'm the best shit flowing
Just got me a bitch now she the best shit hoein
Drop the 100 on my neck and cop the best shit glowing
Just left homeboy and cop the best shit growing
Let's Go!
Hey bitch I hustle
Hey bitch I hustle hard
Tryna dodge cops without a jail free card
You niggas bullshit, why you lyin
You heard 'Kon if your sellin were buyin
I keep a big gun, I ain't scared to use it
Whose trap this here? cus I'm about to bruise it
Straight Use it, knock out and abuse it
I rip it like I bought it dammit you best not dispuit it
Is you stupid? you must be
How yous a gangsta when your 45 rusty?
You on empty, but my tank full
I got bank nigga ask about my leg pull
I got stripes nigga, like adidas jackets
these rapper croocks, I'm a start jackin
Imma start smackin all these fuck niggas
Cus your rag red that don't make you tough nigga
I take it to the grims, I take it to the jungles
I take you to the bloods, bet they really don't want cha
But they know me cus....you know me cus...
I Was gangsta 'fore I knew what being Gangsta was!
I'm really bout that, I'm really bout that
I'm from the dirt homie born in the mouse trap
Still in the trap, still on the block
Still on the corner dockin ATL Cops

Imma do me. Ok
Imma do me. Ok
Imma do me.
Imma do me.
Imma do me.

[Verse 2: Streets]
You do you nigga Imma do me
On the corner on the block nigga Imma gone be
Realest illest, real on the map
Tryna get that flip that take to the trap
Tryna flip that hit that take it to the back
When you done with em both nigga bring em right back
Fuck with my money put that chopper in your mouth
Get that bobby west like a hit down south
Knock knock knock knock, got a 100 goons sittin outside your house
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop spit a 100 round nigga right at your house
Nigga fuck you, said your bitch and mama
When it comes to my money nigga I'm spittin hollows
Rich out the ass, like I'm shittin dollars
Bitch wet as hell think we got some drowners
Fresh off the ass, had to make my rounders