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Guess Who's Bizzack
Hey I remember way bizzack
Selling dimes sizzacks
Skipping school running back and forth to the trizzap
Get ya kid kidnapped
Never get ya kid back
Until i see that rest a money
Honey where the chips at
Show me where my grip at
My hustle prolifac
Hundred pounds of kush baby bet u i can lift that
I Bet you i can bench that
I Get that weight of me
Easy no steroids easy no steriods
Move the baggage in out
Mariot bell boy
Call me i can sell boy
Fire to the hell box
Ice to a ice box
Polar bearanell boy
Call me mr turtle man
Head in a shell boy
A Thousand in that grams im a mathamatic prodigy
Stay above water but these streets try to swallow me
Niggas trynna hollow me
The feds try to follow me i never said a word
I Flip the bird
Its the PAC in me
Rappers try to copy me
I Had to switch my style up
Flow DSL but these boys got Dial-up
I Had to get my miles up
In and out the country now
Everybody from the A its cool to be country now
Feeling like money now
Bitches call me dolla bill
Homie took a head shot
Show me that a dolla kill
Niggas trynna eat a meal
I'm trynna see triple that
And then im trynna triple that
And then quadrople that
Show me where them niggas at
Hop out an double back
Light ya ass up
I Have em bleedin in the culdasack
I'm everywhere the souljas at
Gangstas in the street niggas
If it wasnt cool you’d never be a street nigga
You just trynna fit in
You just trynna get in
Can tell by your eyes that thats not you
This is hard living
Mixed with big birth flippin
If it wasnt for rap id be locked in prison

These lyrics were added by: Deon-Kevin Mayes-Boles. thank you!