Girl U Know
Aye so we laying in the bed and shit
I done fucked her she done made me breakfast in bed and shit
She look at me in my eyes she ask me Dolla do you love me?
I'm lookin at her funny like.. huh? Where this coming from?
I ain't say shit I just looked
And she said well I love you
I'm thinking yeah right.. could neva love me cause you dont love your self...
A real nigga 24/7 I love myself..
Shit I could hug myself...
I dont need no bitch...
The downfall of a man is fat ass and tits
Ima call you bitch when you behave like one...
You must not know a nigga background or where im from
Im from the ghetto where niggas is locked up doing bids
And they bitches is fucking they homeboy having kids.
Who's the say you aint threaded from the same cloth?
A nigga come through with some bread and yo panties off
They say a woman is a gift to man from god...
I dont wanna challenge the word but i find that odd...
Kind of hard to believe when that bitch name eve
Eating forbidden apples and cursed our seeds
This blood i bleed it dont know bout hate...
Real nigga 24/7 dont know bout fake...gotdammit!

And so I told her
Na I don't love you baby
I couldn't love you
You don't love yourself
I know you don't love yourself cos the way you talk to yourself the way you look at yourself
Shit I look in the mirror baby and I'm cool in my skin
I know who I am within
You know what I'm saying?