Get Witcha (Young 80 and Dolla)
[Verse 1: Young 80]
Yeah where I go with the 2 door Ashton
Name got us all money bringin the cash in
Lookin for a mami yeah somethin thats latin
Party of a centerfold somethin attractive
Say she's in the gym yeah she gotta be active
I'm dress to a tee she's eyein on me
Figure, I'm at the bar get some drinks on me
I move smooth I approach like a gentleman
She 5"5 brown eyes, dominican
Her hair did, the dress bad, the purse prada
Said she sippin on chrem with the ghost laga
So I tell her Get Low like Flo-Rida
And I ain't stress her With the cash you don't know nada
And I got dro with the whit if you blow propa
Say she feelin the kid cus I'm a fly fella
Leave no witness so I had to tell her

[Hook: Young 80]
Hey lil mama get somethin like a star
Hot nails top down buyin out the bar
Move like a pimp so I handle my biz
But all I Wanna know lil mama what it is
Like ay, I'm just tryna get with you
Like ay Lil mama you know I'm tryna get withchu
Like ay, I'm just tryna get with you
Like ay Lil mama you know I'm tryna get withchu

[Bridge: Young 80]
What you drinkin on, if it henessy
Or it's shots of P, well let me see
What you smokin on
Is it purple weed?
We down you see, I got what you need

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Baby, pop a pill and let me see you bust it open
Said the boyfriend cheating and they goin thru the motions
Have you ever tried women, yeah they good with the emotions
Have another sip of drink and let's keep this [shit] goin
They call me Dolla bill mr. Who the [Fuck] is that
When I seen you walk in I said Who the [Fuck] is that
Baby stay right here I wanna be seen withchu
And give my girl your number cus we tryna leave withchu

[Verse 3: Young 80]
Yep still with it and it's starting to heat up
So attractive so I pull my sit up
The way she work it on me man I might need a breather
Cus She twerk (twerk) yeah shake like a seizure
I don't really brake when I'm sweatin ...
Told me she need a man that'll know how to treat her
Badroom action know how to please her
I'm that dude yep I am a keeper