Brown Paper Bag Money
Just Got a 100 of the Brown paper bag money
Reminiscing on the times I never had money
Now I'm thinkin I'm glad I never had money
Cus now I appreciate times I do have money
Remember Givin my Mama my very last money
Like goddamn I don't even got a gas money
But thats past money
But now I got 2 20 on the dash money
Fuck it let's blast money
Fuck rich shit I'm tryna get wealthy
And fuck a bitch cus she only tryna milk me
And if you can't help me, get the fuck out my face
Being a broke nigga's unhealthy
Labels tryna shelf me, but now they see
Liquid flow I can show you where the well be
Show you where the sell be without selling out
Bitch pull me over but imma shoot it out
Then Imma bail out got the lawyers paid up
What these rappers yapp about have a bit made up
Six monthes ago I was all laid up
In the hospital bed with my frame shot up
Now I'm on a road with my name change up
Different bitch every day nigga step your game up
MTV's jammin it, street niggas steppin it
106 and Park and the hoes campaignin it
Now I'm champainin it, Rose tim bottles
Not lil boys shit I'm talkin grown man bottles
All hollows in my new glock .40
Got the big range let my bitch drive sporty
New money let me show you what it look like
Fish scale let me show you what it cook like
Crook nigga, never seen book life
School boy, you only seen book life
I Got my hook right
Big fish in a pond mothafucka like I'm fishin with dynamite
Your base lite baby let me roll you in
I'm 10 steps ahead baby let me fill you in
It begins, starts then ends
Upon my feet I don't want no friends
New benz new rols new jets
Still with the same niggas throwing up the same sets
Place your bets, 10 thous to the crap shooter
Eating good stomach full eating like a fat buddah
Black rouger, I'm a black man
Love black people shit I'm a black fan
love black women, most of all
Follow me lead I can show you how to ball
Let's Go
Let's Go

I said a Brown Paper Bag
I said I got that Brown Paper Bag
New money goddamit
I said a Brown Paper Bag
We got that Brown Paper Bag

Hustle hard goddamit
I need a throphy the game really needs me
These niggas playing soft but they can't see Stevie
One division, this niggas playing but
I shoot across the street I got vision
Tunnel vision, I see whats happenin
Ya'll niggas dumb don't know whats happening
85% of niggas dumb, other 5 starting getting their money right
Run that shit back, other side of the town
When the glocks come out and them niggas lay it down
When them bitches set you up and them niggas come through
With the burners out Like What you niggas tryna do?
Lay it down lay it down goddamit
If them niggas come around with the pound goddamit
Goddamit I'm the realest nigga spit
If these niggas not getting it, nigga is your ignorant?
Dolla bitch, Holla bitch
Niggas shooting hollows at your bottle bitch
I ain't playing with these boys .... I put the thang on em boys, goddam

Aha! this is easy youknowimtalkinbout its called Dolla baby
Another day another Dolla my ambitiouns as a ridah
My ambitiouns as a gangsta
My ambitiouns as a gangsta
My ambitiouns as a gangsta
Dolla baby
Another day another Dolla, Another K another choppa
Another victim another doctor
Georgia, I'm from georgia
Eastside where the best ride
Where the tecs fly, so you best hide
One more time, One more time, I said I said
I said Eastside where the best ride
So you niggas better let that tec fly
So you mothafuckas better go run and hide,
Run and hide...
Run and hide...
Run and hide...
A Dolla and a Dream
A Dolla and a Dream
Mixtape Another day Another Dolla

Yo it's Dolla mothafucka you have been on a ride with me
Another Day Another Dolla goddamit
Tomorrow We gonna get up and do the same shit
Baby mamas....
Y'all just niggas, whats happening?
Knowimtalkinbout It's Dolla Dolla
Another Day another Dolla mixtape
I Appreciate everybody ridin with me on this mothafucka
All my street niggas man...I Salute y'all niggas man...Let's get it man!
Album coming soon A Dolla and A Dream
A Hood near you, it's goin down
They say niggas in the south can't rap, shiiiiit