Bitch I get money, I ain't gotta lizza
Nigga sellin a dummy brick nigga gotta dizzie
Right heza, chrome 4 fizza
All hollow tips that send a nigga to the skizza
Try to get by while I try to get bread
Niggas lookin back while I'm thinkin a head
I'm so ahead of these niggas
I can take a year off and slow walk on these niggas
I don't talk to these niggas cus they ain't my niggas
You in the rap game don't make you my nigga
A Town so shall, peep a nigga profile
Shit I keep a low profile
You know the profile young wild rich gunna
Don't smile slap lips off the cock suckas
You know the streets hustlas same as dick lovers
Ask your baby mama nigga she a dick lover
A Dolla dick lover, cus Dolla dick mama
She take a dick shit Thats why I call her big mama
I'm in the street year round I wont never quit
The round imma spit lay down a elephant
Like a machanic my nigga cus I know the hood
250 on My neck shit I know I'm good
Kill the head watch the limbs fall apart
It's the method to my madness killing is a art
Rip out your heart, fuck goonin nigga heart
Cus it's pussy in his heart, ain't no pussy in my heart
Only pain bitch I made it into a rain no
No umbrella nigga No fucking rain coat
I know you wish a nigga stay broke
But whats the point gettin money when your teams broke
When your homie dyin, and your mama show
And your baby mama got you on child support
If that mothafucka flow then it's probbly a boat
But If a nigga say he rob me, shit it's probbly a joke
I Would honor these quots
Every mothafuckin word shit I'm good on every coast
Shit I'm good on every coast (what you say?)
Dolla Dolla