On My Grind / Blocc Boy (Dolla and Akon)
See I'm a Blocc Boy
We don't giggle nor chuckle
Posted ten toes down on ya corna
9 propped up on my belt near my buckle
Droppin the pounds to keep the weight on my shoulder
Ooooh another fiend past by now
Circlin the block I'm droppin my dime
Ooooh another cop past by now
Gotta go so I can stay on my grind

[Verse 1: Dolla]
I'm deep on the block, work in my socks
Glock on my hip, just lookin to pop
10 Dollar rocks, got em lined up
Chop a 4 ay break it down bitch gram it up
I'm over the stove, I'm over the pot
16 years old with a Rolex watch!
1,000 dollar jeans, while you in the class
Doin math I'm a block boy countin cash
I'm like 6 flags, I got hella rides
Rep the first Benz I'm bout to get another 5
You reppin the cyfus, I'm trappin on corners
Baby need diapers gotta reup in the morning
No matter the season, no matter the weather
Rain sleet hail snow I'mma get the chedder
Down for whatever, Mothafuck the pigs
Block boys worldwide you know what it is

[Verse 2: Dolla]
I Hustle with heart, I hustle with fashion
Hustle's art, I hustle with passion
I'm doin it smart, I'm breakin a bank
East side general I'm movin a tank
Hard in the paint, I'm like Shaq
Whipped like a slave days Got em comin back
I'm eatin your cookies, you niggas is hoes
You niggas is rookies, I hustle with pros
I'm a block boy, call the shots boy
Any givin time have you knocked off boy
Real hot boy, lil shotta
At my commend break you off somethin propa
Top Dolla, supply and demand
I'm the man supplyin demand supplyin the man
And my block boy stance
Triple beam in the back got the pots and the pans, nigga

[Verse 3: Dolla]
24/7, 365,
Same clothe for a week, nigga I'm on my grind
I got good workers, they never shout
Niggas tryna jerk us, he eat dirt
Soul full a hurt, mouth full of diamonds
We miss Church, all a nigga know is violence
You hear the sirens a moment of silence
Product of my environment
I shoot for the moon, sky's the limit
If you want somethin pimpin, you gotta get it
Determine to shine dedicated grind
I Ain't slept in a week I'm doin overtime
I got heavy weight, so I got heavy cake
Movin outta town nigga switch the license plate
Hit the interstate, yolla in the tires
If I gotta move nigga then yo I hire